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Current research projects

Adipose and muscular tissue segmentation

For the department of Health Evidence we are developing an application for the segmentation and quantification of adipose and muscular tissue in non-contrast abdominal CT.

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AI for health

A collaboration between Radboud University and Radboudumc aimed at developing innovations based on artificial intelligence that solve clinical problems.

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Brain MRI classification

In the context of the “Nationale Wetenschapsagenda” (NWA) roadmap for Value Creation through Responsible Access to and use of Big Data (VWdata) we are collecting data and setting up a challenge for the identification of healthy or abnormal MRI scans of the brain.

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ICH and PHE segmentation

For the CONTRAST consortium and Dutch ICH Surgery Trial (DIST) we are developing an application for the segmentation and quantification of intracerebral hemorrhage and peri-hematomal edema in non-contrast CT.

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Knee segmentation

For the Orthopedics department we are developing an application for the segmentation of the tibia, patella and fibula in non-contrast CT images of the legs.

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Muscle ultrasound classification

For the Neurophysiology department we have developed an algorithm for the identification of abnormal muscle tissue in ultrasound images of the tibialis anterior.

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CIRRUS is the workstation platform for DIAG

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The home of challenges in biomedical imaging.

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Ophthalmology workstation

The goal of this project is to develop a software solution that assists researchers and specialists to view and annotate retinal images.

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DIAG's deep learning cluster for training and applying automated image analysis tools.

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Finished projects